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This Web Page is dedicated to genealogical research on the Blevins and associated families.

I intend to establish 2 databases here. One will contain my own family (around 20,000 individuals) and the other will contain other Blevins families (around 100,000 individuals) that I have gleaned from genealogical records from various sources. In the near future, I also wish to establish a system to handle queries on the Blevins surname as well as add additional records (census, marriage, Revolutionary War applications, etc.)

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Blevins DNA Results


Blevins DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA

BulletBlevins DNA Project

Owen Blevins Family Database (about 20,000 individuals)


Other Blevins Family Database (about 100,000 individuals)

I've finally been able to upload the first cut of my large Blevins genealogy database. It is already about 2 months out-of-date with my current data but due to the large amount of information I have to upload, I probably won't be able to keep it up-to-date as often as I would like.

I should note that much of the information contained herein pertains to many early VA families (Bolling, Rolfe, Randolph, Jefferson, Lee, Meriwether, Carter to name just a few) as well as families of early Eastern TN and nearby KY, VA and NC. I believe that most of these families have some direct or indirect connection to the Blevins surname, although some have been probably added for historical significance. In any case, I have tried to keep the number of people with the Blevins surname at around 10% or higher of the total number of people in the database.

WARNING: I will caution everyone that some of the early Blevins and other family connections (prior to 1800) contained herein can be largely guesswork on my part due to the lack of any definite family information. Many of these connections I definitely know to be wrong as I have attempted to group certain families that are very closely related together. Also, as we search for more genealogical information, when we go further back in time we have a greater chance that this information is imperfect or inaccurate. I will try do my best to point out which relationships are conjecture but as I haven't had the time to identify each and every one of these lineages, I would ask anyone to send me e-mail if the information appears to be wrong or questionable. It certainly isn't my intent to perpetuate any inaccurate information.


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