17337 individuals, 5738 families from file oblevins.ged (7 FEB 2009)


[S1] Obituary

[S7] Death Records
Death Records

[S15] Blevins, James R. and Family
James R. Blevins Family Bible

[S21] Gill, Edward and Family
Edward Gill Family Bible

[S24] Vital Statistics - Henderson Co. KY
Vital Statistics - Henderson Co. KY

[S26] Nance, Morris and Family
Morris Nance Family Bible

[S56] History of Gallatin, Saline, etal Co. IL
History of Gallatin, Saline, etal Co. IL

[S65] Marriage Records
Marriage Records

[S74] Cox, Marialice (Simpson)

[S85] Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate

[S86] Death Certificate
Death Certificate

[S97] Tombstone

[S110] Williams, Rebecca Ann

[S253] Posey County History 1815-1900
Posey County History 1815-1900

[S269] Williams, Rebecca
Saulmon Cemetery Records

[S276] Svoboda, Judith Trummel
The Descendants of Arthur and Lucy (Harmon) Johnson

[S335] Cox, Carroll O.
Posey County Cemetery Records 1814-1979

[S348] Obituary Book
Obituary Book

[S398] Williams, Rebecca Ann
Family Group Sheets provided by Rebecca Ann Williams 6 Jul 1996.

[S416] Cox, Carroll O. and Gloria M.
Newspaper Obituaries for Poseyville, Indiana 1884-1960

[S429] Heckman, Marilyn Jean

[S437] Brevoort, Eliza Haddon and Wheeler, Doris Bond
Our Haddon, McClure, Curry and Allied Families

[S438] Gibson, Mary Lois
Wilson Eddings GEDCOM file imported on 14 Apr 2000.

[S439] Barekman, June B.
John Barrickman and His Children

[S440] Ancestral File (R)
Ancestral File (R)

[S441] Douglas, Rev. William
The Douglas Register:
Being a detailed record of Births, Marriages and Deaths together withother interesting notes, as kept by the Rev. William Douglas, from1750 to 1797

[S442] WWI Draft Registration Card
WWI Draft Registration Card

[S443] WWII Draft Registration Card
WWII Draft Registration Card

[S444] US Passport Applications
US Passport Applications

[S445] Birth Records
Birth Records

[S446] Leatherman, Daniel
Daniel Leatherman Bible

[S447] Willyard, George Henderson
George Henderson Willyard Bible

[S448] Lewis, Moses P.
Moses P. Lewis Family Bible


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