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Mary J.

DEC 1835 - ____

Family 1 : CARR
  1.  Lillian CARR
  2.  William S. CARR
  3.  James F. CARR
Family 2 : John O. BLEVINS



[25763] [25764]

BET 1775 AND 1780 - ____

Family 1 : John OSBORNE


[25763] [S420] Peel, Sharon Kay

[25764] [S351] Sutton, Rita Kennedy

George "Gootie" BAKER

11 JAN 1851 - 19 JAN 1919

Mother: Mary "Polly" BAKER

Family 1 : Susan BAKER
  1. +Jason BAKER
  2. +Leander "Lee" BAKER
  3.  Waden "Wade" BAKER
  4. +Lee BAKER
  5.  Nancy Ann BAKER
  6.  Mahala BAKER
  7.  Lewis BAKER
  8.  Riley BAKER
  9.  Eva BAKER

|                     |
|                     |___________________________________
|--George "Gootie" BAKER 
|  (1851 - 1919)
|                      _John Hammond "Mucker Jack" BAKER _+
|                     | (1793 - 1869) m 1825              
|_Mary "Polly" BAKER _|
  (1826 - 1890)       |
                      |_Lucinda AMIS _____________________+
                        (1805 - 1878) m 1825              


Mark Evans BAKER

8 MAR 1907 - ____

Father: Stephen Eversole BAKER
Mother: Justina "Tina" FIELDS

                           _James Wilson BAKER (WOODS) _+
                          | (1831 - 1916) m 1877        
 _Stephen Eversole BAKER _|
| (1878 - 1964) m 1901    |
|                         |_Sarah "Sally" EVERSOLE _____+
|                           (1835 - 1904) m 1877        
|--Mark Evans BAKER 
|  (1907 - ....)
|                          _____________________________
|                         |                             
|_Justina "Tina" FIELDS __|
  (1884 - ....) m 1901    |


George BELL

____ - ____

Father: Joe Sallee BELL
Mother: Elizabeth BLEVINS

                       _G. W. BELL _____________________
 _Joe Sallee BELL ____|
|  m 1894             |
|                     |_Nancy SANDUSKY _________________
|--George BELL 
|                      _Diances (Isaac) "Dide" BLEVINS _+
|                     | (1845 - 1903) m 1868            
|_Elizabeth BLEVINS __|
  (1875 - 1968) m 1894|
                      |_Sarah J. KOGER _________________+
                        (1852 - 1944) m 1868            


Gerald Ernest BLEVINS

____ - ____

Father: Gilbert Ernest BLEVINS
Mother: Susan Ella STANDERFORD

Family 1 : Nadine OWENS
  1.  Gerald Ernest BLEVINS
  2.  Tapatha BLEVINS

                           _Gilbert Eugene BLEVINS _____+
                          | (1880 - 1952) m 1900        
 _Gilbert Ernest BLEVINS _|
|                         |
|                         |_Mary E. CAMPBELL ___________
|                           (1881 - 1963) m 1900        
|--Gerald Ernest BLEVINS 
|                          _William Walter STANDERFORD _
|                         |                             
|_Susan Ella STANDERFORD _|
                          |_Molly Irene MORRISON _______


[6419] [S245] Blevins, Bill Dwayne

Thomas Wilson BLEVINS

8 NOV 1849 - 6 MAY 1926

Father: Phillip BLEVINS
Mother: Harriet BLAKELY

Family 1 : Lucinda GRAVES
  1. +James BLEVINS
Family 2 : Elmira Tennessee GODSEY
  1. +Rodney Granville (Grundy) BLEVINS
  2. +John Lee BLEVINS
  3.  Loney Argile (Scott) BLEVINS
  4.  Phillip Grundy BLEVINS
  5. +Burley BLEVINS
  6. +Miranda "Randa" BLEVINS
  7.  Mary Elizabeth BLEVINS
  8.  Florence BLEVINS
  9. +Charles Franklin BLEVINS
  10. +George Mercer BLEVINS
  11.  Thomas Luther BLEVINS
  12.  Ida Mae BLEVINS
  13. +Bruce Arlando BLEVINS

                       _Hardin BLEVINS _____+
                      | (1778 - 1860)       
 _Phillip BLEVINS ____|
| (1811 - 1894) m 1838|
|                     |_Elizabeth VANCE ____+
|                       (1784 - 1870)       
|--Thomas Wilson BLEVINS 
|  (1849 - 1926)
|                      _James BLAKELY ______
|                     | (1786 - ....)       
|_Harriet BLAKELY ____|
  (1819 - 1858) m 1838|


Benjamin BOONE

AFT 1815 - ____

Father: Samuel BOONE
Mother: Louisa E.

                       _Squire BOONE _______+
                      | (1760 - 1817) m 1784
 _Samuel BOONE _______|
| (1797 - 1835)       |
|                     |_Anna GRUBBS ________
|                       (1766 - 1843) m 1784
|--Benjamin BOONE 
|  (1815 - ....)
|                      _____________________
|                     |                     
|_Louisa E. __________|
  (1800 - ....)       |



____ - ____

Father: John W. BRINEGAR
Mother: Nannie Lou BLEVINS

 _John W. BRINEGAR ___|
|                     |
|                     |___________________________
|--Kyle M. BRINEGAR 
|                      _Millard Freeland BLEVINS _+
|                     | (1867 - 1944) m 1887      
|_Nannie Lou BLEVINS _|
  (1891 - 1956)       |
                      |_Emoline HENDRIX __________+
                        (1868 - 1940) m 1887      



____ - ____

Father: Nick COOPER
Mother: Winnie Ardith BLEVINS

Family 1 : George Godfrey BARTHOLOMEUS
  1.  Saskia Lynn BARTHOLOMEUS
  2.  Kelly Bernard BARTHOLOMEUS
  3.  Shelah Ann BARTHOLOMEUS

                          _William Leslie COOPER _
 _Nick COOPER ___________|
|                        |
|                        |_Annie ESTES ___________
|--Louise COOPER 
|                         _Robert Calvin BLEVINS _+
|                        | (1888 - 1927) m 1910   
|_Winnie Ardith BLEVINS _|
                         |_Augusta "Gusty" FLOYD _+
                           (1892 - ....) m 1910   


Samuel DAVIS

ABT 1860 - ____

Father: Andrew J. DAVIS
Mother: Jane "Jincy" HADDIX

 _Andrew J. DAVIS _____|
| (1834 - ....) m 1855 |
|                      |_____________________
|--Samuel DAVIS 
|  (1860 - ....)
|                       _Zachariah HADDIX ___+
|                      | (1808 - ....) m 1829
|_Jane "Jincy" HADDIX _|
  (1838 - ....) m 1855 |
                       |_Katherine __________
                         (1815 - ....) m 1829


William FUGATE

ABT 1765 - BEF MAR 1808

Father: Martin FUGATE

Family 1 : Jane
  1. +Martin FUGATE
  2. +Levi FUGATE
  3. +William FUGATE
  4. +Zachariah FUGATE
  5.  Julia FUGATE
Family 2 : Sarah STEVENS

                       _Josias FUGATE ______+
                      | (1675 - 1757) m 1757
 _Martin FUGATE ______|
| (1725 - 1803)       |
|                     |_Mary MARTIN ________
|                        m 1757             
|--William FUGATE 
|  (1765 - 1808)
|                      _____________________
|                     |                     


Elizabeth JONES


____ - ____

Family 1 : Samuel James GREER


[26663] [S420] Peel, Sharon Kay



____ - ____

Father: Dennis George PEERENBOOM
Mother: Maryann Jenny LANGER

                             _Sylvester George PEERENBOOM _
                            | (1915 - 1972)                
 _Dennis George PEERENBOOM _|
|                           |
|                           |_Vada Marie DILLON ___________+
|--Katie Taylor PEERENBOOM 
|                            ______________________________
|                           |                              
|_Maryann Jenny LANGER _____|


[32168] [S538] Cook, Everett

Johan Martin "Martin" SHULTS


ABT 1740 - 1787

Father: Johan Velten "Valentine" SHULTZ
Mother: Maria Eva STOCKER

Family 1 : Juliana STENTZ
  1. +Valentine K. (Felty?) (Velten) SHULTS

 _Johan Velten "Valentine" SHULTZ _|
| (1710 - 1745) m 1731             |
|                                  |__
|--Johan Martin "Martin" SHULTS 
|  (1740 - 1787)
|                                   __
|                                  |  
|_Maria Eva STOCKER _______________|
  (1716 - ....) m 1731             |


[16779] Based on the minutes of the Orphans Court for York County,Pennsylvania, Martin apparently was apprenticed to a cordwainer tolearn the art of
shoemaking. He completed his apprenticeship and identifies himself asa cordwainer in later court minutes.

According to the following records from York County Orphans CourtMinutes dated 24 November 1761, he was appointed as the guardian forPhilip Bayer,
a nephew by marriage. The following transcript of this gives the storyabout this event:

Come into Court, Dorethea Stentz, widow of Heinrich Stentz, late ofHellam Township, yeoman, deceased, and prayed that Philip Bayer aminor orphan son
of Albinus Bayer, dec'd by his wife Anna Maria one of the daughters ofthe said Heinrich Stentz, aged sixteen years last Ascension day, maybe bound an
apprentice to Martin Shultz of Hellam Township, cordwainer. It isconsidered by the Court and the said Philip Bayer is hereby bound anapprentice to the
said Martin Shultz until he shall be of the age of twenty one years.In consideration whereof the Martin Shultz doth covenant and agree toteach or cause to be
taught the said apprentice the art of mystery of a cordwainter whichhe now practiseth, to read the Bible, to write and arithmetic as faras the rule of three
direct, and to furnish and allow the said apprentice sufficent meat,drink and apparel, washing and lodging during the said term and at theexpiration therefof to
pay unto him two suits of apparel one whereof shall be new and of thevalue of five Pounds in money which the said apprentice shall thenchoose.

Martin was listed on 1762 'County Census' for York County,Pennsylvania. He and Julianna were living in Hellam Township at thattime. He was also listed
on 1762 tax list for Hellam Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Hewas taxed three Shillings for his personal estate and chattels there.On 25 January
1763, he was listed again on the tax list for Hellam Township andtaxed three Shillings for his personal estate and chattels too.

In York County Orphans Court Minutes dated 31 August 1763, it is foundthat Martin petitioned the Court to be released from guardianship ofPhillip Bayer.
The following transcript again gives the story of this event:

'Came into Court, Martin Shultz of Hellam Township, Shoemaker, andsignified to the Court his intention of removing to Carolina andprayed the Court that
Philip Bayer a minor orphan son of Albinus Bayer dec'd formerly boundto him by this Court, and praayed that the said Philip Bayer may bereleased from
him and bound to Daniel Peterman of Windsor Township, Shoemaker. It isconsidered by the Court and the said Philip Bayer is hereby releasedfrom the
Martin Shultz and bound an apprentice to the said Daniel Petermanuntil he shall be o age of twenty one years. In consideration whereofthe said Daniel
Peterman doth covenant and agree to the each or cause to be taught thesaid apprentice the art of mystery of shoemaker which he nowpractiseth, to read the
Bible, to writeand arithmetic as far as the rule of three direct, andto furnish and allow the said apprentice sufficient meat, drink,apparel, washing and lodging
during the said term and at the expiration thereof to pay unto him twoSuits of Apparel one where shall be new and of the value of fivePounds in money which
the apprentice shall then choose.'

After Martin made his intentions known to the Orphans Court of YorkCounty, Pennsylvania that he planned to remove to 'Carolina', he beganto make
preparation for the long journey. Sometime during 1764 he and hisfamily had made the journey to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.When they arrived
there, they settled in the area of Killian's Creek and Leeper'sCreek/Lick Run which is now the eastern part of Lincoln County, NorthCarolina.

The following land records in Mecklenburg County, North Carolinareveal that Martin Shultz witnessed the signing of several deeds therebeginning in 1765. It
appears that several of Pennsylvania families may have made the trekwith Martin and Julianna Stentz Shultz.

On Monday, 4 March 1765, Martin witnessed a deed for Henry Myers andhis wife Catharina in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. This landwas listed
on the 'Southwest side of Catawba (River) above Ramsour's land.'

On Monday, 20 April 1767, he again witnessed the signing of a deed forUrlick Crowder in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. This land waslocated on
'both sides on middle branch of Killion's Creek adjoining FrancisBeaty's line.'

After Tryon County was created from Mecklenburg County in 1769, theCourt of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Tyron County 'ordered thatMartin Shults
serve as Constable for Henry Holoman, Esq. and that he swear in beforethe said Henry Holmon' on Thursday after the first Tuesday in April1770.'

Again, the following land records in Tryon County, North Carolinareveal that Martin Shultz witnessed the signing of several deedsthere. Also that he bought
and sold land there. The county name changed but the location seemedto be the same, Killian's and Leeper Creek, Broad River, etc.

On Thursday, 25 January 1772, he witnessed the signing of a deed forMathias Peterson in Tryon County, North Carolina. This was located on'the waters of
Killian's Creek adjoining Philip Ereharts.'

On Monday, 14 December 1772, Martin witnessed a deed for WilliamWilkins in Tryon County. This was located on 'both sides on Beaver DamCreek of
Broad River including the said Wilkins improvements.'

On Thursday, 24 December 1772, Martin Shultz bought 300 acres of landfrom Henry Dellinger and his wife Hannah for 10 pound Proclamationmoney. This
land was located on 'head waters of Leeper's Creek on Lick Runadjoining John Dellinger' in Tryon County, North Carolina. HenryDellinger was another
Pennsylvania neighbor.

On Saturday, 21 June 1777, he and his wife Julianna Stentz sold this300 acres of land on 'head waters of Leeper's Creek and Lick Runadjoining John
Dellinger' for 70 pounds Proclamation Money to Nicholas Shrum andHenry Dellinger in Tryon County, North Carolina. Both he and his wifesigned in the old
German script.

In this deed, Martin was named as 'Doctor Martin Shultz.' Apparentlybetween 176? and 1777 he had received his training as a physician andsurgeon while
living in Mecklenburg and Tryon Counties, North Carolina.

This deed verifies the family tradition that he was a German surgeon.In John Henninger Reagan's Memoirs, he said, 'His wife (John HenningerReagan is
speaking of his grandfather, Richard Ragan.), whose maiden name wasShultz, was the daughter of a German surgeon of that name, who seredas such in our
Revolutionary army during the most of the war.' The notes of ClaiborneCounty, Tennessee Shults family also stated that Martin was a doctorin the
Revolutionary War.

Sometime during the Fall of 1777 or the Winter of 1778, Doctor MartinShultz and his growing family began to make preparations for thejourney to
Washington County, North Carolina (not Tennessee). By the early Summerof 1778, they had made the trek, and when they arrived there, theysettled 'on the
south side of Holston River adjoining Samuel Smith's line and JohnWebb's line' in Washington County.

Martin appeared on the 1779 tax list of Washington County, NorthCarolina (now Tennessee with 200 acres of land, value of land - 150Pounds, 6 horses,
valued at - 650 Pounds, 6 cattles, valued at - 60 Pounds, his readymoney, 60 Pounds 6 Shillings, a total value of 920 Pounds 6 Shillings.On the same tax list
of said county, Edward Little entered another tract of land in DoctorMartin Shultz name - 150 acres of land, value of land - 20 Pounds.

Doctor Martin Shultz made an entry for 200 acres of land in WashingtonCounty, North Carolina (now Tennessee) on Thursday, 19 August 1779. Asurvey's
warrant for te County Surveyor in said county was not issued untillate November of that year by John Carter. After the division ofWashington County in
1779, the warrant was forwarded to the County Surveyor of SullivanCounty, North Carolina (now Tennessee) to be surveyed. In this landentry in
Washington County, Martin is again named as 'Doctor Martin Shults'.This also verifies family traditions and it refutes statements ofearly East Tennessee
historians that there were 'no trained physicians' in the area in theearly days.

After Sullivan County was created in late 1779, all later records ofthe family were found there.

The family traditions say 'he was in the Battle of King's Mountain,serving under Colonels Shelby and Campbell in the capacity of asurgeon. He attended the
wounded soldiers at the battle along with the other doctors there.' Itwas stated 'gangrene had set up in many cases...many limbs had to beamputated...the
army had little or no anesthesia...wiskey and manpower were used inperforming the operation.'

In 'The Overmountain Men - Early Tennessee History 1760-1795' by PatAlderman, Martin was listed in 'An Incomplete Listing of the officersand men that
participated in the King's Mountain Campaign' as a private.

Also on pages 261 and 262 of 'The Rear-Guard of the Revolutions' byJames R. Gilmore, it is found that:

'...A terrible night followed the terrible day of the battle. The coldwas intense, and a strong wind swept across the mountain. The woundedlay around where
they had fallen, upon the bare ground, among the unburied dead, withno shelter but the grey sky above them. There were no splints fortheir shattered limbs,
nobandages for their flowing wounds, and only one surgeon among theentire two hundred and fifty. Said one who witnessed it, 'The scenewas heartrending
in the extreme---the groans of the dying, and the constant cry o thewounded for 'Water!' 'Water!'.

It appears that the surgeon was in Colonel John Sevier's Company of250 men, and it is strongly believed that this surgeon was our DoctorMartin Shultz.

Another record to verify that he was a doctor was found in SullivanCounty, Tennessee Deed Book 1 as follows:

'Page 150 'North Carolina Grant No. 92 to Samuel Smith, 50 Shillingsper 100 acres - 250 acres in Sullivan County on the southern side ofHolston River on
Hickory Creek; ...on side of ridge, then on Doctor [Martin] Shoults'sline; ...adjacent to John Webb's line and Weaver's line... 23 October1782.'

Also in the Washington County, Tennessee Court Minutes, an entryindicated that he was a doctor:

'Page 192 'At a Court begun and Held at the Court House on Monday the34d day of February, 1783' 'Page 197 'Wm. Davis Garnashee at the suitof John
Briant Hart vs. Benjamin Grubb being sworn Garnashee Sayeth that Benj.Grugg Left a sick Negro fellow in possession to be Cured withinjuctions that Said
Negro be kept in his possession Until he was paid the expence heshould be at for cureing said Negro, & sayeth that he have paid toDoctor Shults twenty
two pounds Eighteen Shillings in Old Trade as hard money and haveReceipt for the same.'

The representative of two states, John Sevier for the State ofFranklin and Evan Shelby for the State of North Carolina, met andtried to reach an agreement
on governing of two states at Samuel Smith's residence in SullivanCounty, being at that time, the State of Franklin (now Tennessee) onTuesday, 20 March
1787. It is probable that our Doctor Martin Shultz was a witnessthere. Martin and Samuel Smith were adjoining landowners. Records ofthe meeting are
found on page 138/139 of 'History of the Lost State of Franklin' bySamuel Cole Williams.

Sometime between 19 August 1779 and 9 August 1787, Stockley Donelson,the County Surveyor for Sullivan County, made a survey of a land entryon
'south side of Holston River' and noted the error in the calculationof acres in this land entry. On Thursday, 9 August 1787, Martin havereceived the land
grant from the State of North Carolina.

Dr. Martin Shultz died in 'Fall of 1787', as stated in the familytradition, in Sullivan County, the State of Franklin (now Tennessee).He left a last Will and
Testament in late 1787 naming his wife Juliana Shultz as Executrix,and his son David Shultz as Executor, according to the Deed Book ofSullivan County,
Tennessee. But, his last Will and Testament was lost in the courthousefire of 1863 at Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee. So only thefollowing land
records survive.

From North Carolina Department of State, Raleigh, North Carolina, andSullivan County, Tennessee Deed Book Blountville, Tennessee, Dr.Martin Shultz
had entered 160 acres of land and received a land grant from the stateof North Carolina. It is as follows:

State of North Carolina No. 440

'To all To whom these present Shall Come Greetings. Know ye that wefor and in consideration of the Sum of fifty Shillings for everyhundred acres hereby
Granted and paid into our Treasury by Martin Shultz have Given andGranted and By these present do give and Granted unto the Said MartinShults a tract of
Land containing one hundred & Sixty acres lying and being in ourcounty of Sullivan on the South Side of holston river adjoining SamualSmith's line

'Beginning at three white oak on the said of a ridge in Samuel Smith'sline then along said Smiths North fifty five West thirty eight polesto a white oak thence
along Smiths North thirty East fifty two poles to a white oak thenceNorth eight East forty poles to two small white oak on Webb's linethence North fifty East
two hundred poles to a stake thence South thirty two West two hundredand sixty poles to a stake and thence to the Beginning as by the plathereunto

'Doth appear together with all woods waters mines mineralsheredetiments and appurtenances to the said land belonging orappertaining to hold to the said
Martin Shults his heirs and assigns forever yielding and paying to usSuch sum of Money yearly or otherwise as our General Assembly shallfrom time to time
shall direct provided always that the said Martin Shults Shall causethis Grant to be Registered in the Registers office of said county ofSullivan Within twelve
months from the date hereof otherwise the Same Shall be void and ofthe effect.

'In testimony Whereof we have caused our letters to be made pattentand Great Seal hereunto affixed

'Witness Richard Caswell Esqr our Governor Captain General and commandin chief at Kingston the ninth day of August in the twelfth year ofour
independence and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundredand Eighty seven

'By his Excellency Com Jas Glasgow, Sec. Richard Caswell

It was registered 20th August 1789

In Sullivan County, Tennessee Deed Book 1, pages 282/283 is found:

'Martin Shults, Dec. by Executors to Nicholas Martin

'This Indenture made this tenth day of June in the year of our Lordone thousand seven hundred and eighty eight by and Between JulianaSults and David
Shults, Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Martin shultsDeceased and by virtue of an instrument of writing obligating on thesaid Marting Shults in
his lifetime of the one part and Nicholas Martin of the County ofSullivan and the State of North Carolina of the other part...'

'...160 acres...on south side of the Holston River...'

'Witnesses: Her John Vance Juliana j Shults (Seal) jas. Martin MarkDavid Shults (Seal)

'Registered August 20th 1789.'

Sullivan County, Tennessee Deed Books revealed two land transactionsinvolving Juliana shultz, wife of Dr. Martin Shultz. They are: (1)'This Indenture made
this tenth day of June one thousand seven hundred and eighty eightBetween John Hall of Sullivan County, State of North Carolina of theone part and Juliana
Shults of the said state and county aforesaid...'

'40 pounds...100 acres on the bank of Holston River...'

'Witnesses: Aaron Taylor J Hall (Seal) John Scott

'Registered December 8, 1789.'

Married at Christian E. L. Church.


____ - ____

Father: Greenberry WALLEN
Mother: Rebecca OSBORNE

 _Greenberry WALLEN __|
| (1845 - 1893) m 1868|
|                     |_____________________
|--Faye WALLEN 
|                      _John OSBORNE _______+
|                     | (1803 - 1874) m 1824
|_Rebecca OSBORNE ____|
  (1847 - 1906) m 1868|
                      |_Rebecca ROBINETTE __+
                        (1808 - 1899) m 1824



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